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DESIGN FACs:  Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power – we can help you to learn more about the building process so that you know what to expect and are better prepared to handle issues that may arise.
Here are some commonly asked questions to help you understand the design process.

Why choose a designer?

A home is a complex collection of parts and serves a function unique to you thus deserves to be well planned.
A designer can bring years of experience and creativity in crafting a set of plans for you at a significant cost savings.
Detailed plans can convey to the builder all of the information necessary to make the building process a smooth and pleasant experience.
What credentials should I look for in a designer?

Look for membership in industry organizations, recommendations from former customers, knowledge of prevailing codes, and dedication to quality. Make sure your Designer is interested in keeping up with the latest technologies

How can I prepare for a design interview?

We need to know a lot about you in a short period of time.
Make a list of features you like and those you don't. Gather pictures, samples of plans, use sketches or any item that may help you explain your ideas.

How long is the design process?

This is a hard question to answer since every client works at a different pace.
While some simple homes or additions can take as little as 2 weeks, others can last months depending on the amount of changes that are made.

Is the design process for additions different than that for whole house plans?

Additions represent a different challenge since the addition has to fit esthetically with the existing structure. The existing house has to be measured and drawn then the addition is generated from that point. With a new design you can start with a clean slate.

What does your basic set of drawings consist of?

A basic set of house plans consist of Notes, Opening Schedules, Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections. Available as options are Framing Layouts, Electrical Plans and Kitchen Designs.

What standards do you use in creating the drawings?

Our plans are based on the International Residential Building Code and local codes in force at the time.
However, due to the variety of local codes, frequent code changes and differing interpretations we can’t guarantee complete compliance with every specification or code requirement. Therefore, it is contingent upon the builder, working with the client, to certify compliance prior to construction.

How do I get additional prints of my home plan or addition?

You will be provided with 1 set of prints and a PDF file that you can take to any printer to obtain additional copies.
If you prefer, we can provide them for you at an additional charge.

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